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Ceremonial skulls are an amazing thing to have access to as a result of raising bison for meat. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to use them for ceremonial purposes.
❗️They make an incredible conversation piece as decoration in your home and will fill your space with all of the magic of the mighty buffalo.
❗️Aside from having an entrancing Southwestern appearance, hanging a buffalo skull can bring a feeling of protection and security to your home.
❗️These skulls evoke feelings of the primal connection humans are meant to have with the land around us and the sustenance we are provided with.

Switching from toxic over-processed vegetable oils to rendered, purified animal fat can do wonders for both taste and health.

We now offer beef and bison tallow, along with Mangalitsa pork lard and grass-fed artisanal ghee.

Vegetable oils can be over-oxidized, making it impossible for them to reach high cooking temperatures without going rancid.

It is imperative that tallow, lard and ghee come from free range, pasture raised animals. Because our bodies can easily digest these fats, we are better able to absorb the nutrients from foods cooked with them.

“Meet the Makers” Collaborative Wine Dinner

Please join us for an intimate six-course collaborative wine dinner, created by Open Kitchen, featuring Beck & Bulow’s premium specialty meats and paired with wines crafted by Vivác Winery.

All of our best cuts will be available for you to taste. Register now, as seats are limited. Dinner is on Friday, April 1st, and is $165 plus tax per person.

This is the menu:

Here’s why bone-in meats are healthier:

More micronutrients: Bones are living tissues rich in minerals like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin A, etc.

Supports gut health: Bones have high concentrations of collagen, gelatin, and glycine. These nutrients help maintain the gut lining and mucus that keep microbes away from the intestinal barrier.

Beck & Bulow

Beck & Bulow

Beck & Bulow provides grass-fed buffalo, elk, wild boar, beef, lamb and chicken directly from our ranch to your door. Visit