Beck & Bulow Integrates Bitcoin for Payments, Employee 401K Plans, & Treasury Reserves

Beck & Bulow
2 min readApr 26, 2024


We are excited to share that Beck & Bulow is now accepting Bitcoin as a payment method, both online and in-store.

This innovative step is part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing payment flexibility and fostering financial sovereignty for our customers and team members alike.

Embracing Bitcoin for Payments and Savings

Recognizing the shifting dynamics in both the food and financial markets, especially post-Covid-19, we at Beck & Bulow are taking a pioneering step to merge the time-honored tradition of providing premium meats with the cutting-edge technology of Bitcoin.

Our customers can now purchase high-quality meats with Bitcoin through a seamless integration with IBEX, our third-party processor. We plan to further enhance our payment system by transitioning to a self-hosted, open-source payment infrastructure later this year.

Commitment to Financial and Food Sovereignty

Our decision to integrate Bitcoin goes beyond mere transactional convenience. It is rooted in our belief that financial sovereignty complements our vision of food sovereignty.

As such, Beck & Bulow is converting 20% of our assets to Bitcoin, affirming its value as a strong store of value.

We will also retain all Bitcoin payments received, reinforcing our confidence in Bitcoin’s long-term potential.

Bitcoin in Employee 401k Programs

In addition to offering Bitcoin as a payment option, we are excited to announce its inclusion in our employee 401k program. This initiative not only underscores our investment in the financial future of our employees but also aligns with our overarching philosophy of empowerment and forward-thinking.

We are thrilled about the opportunities this new payment avenue opens up and look forward to your continued support. For any inquiries or further information, feel free to contact us or visit our website.

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