Remember that not all food is created the same!

Vegetables are healthy, but when they get sprayed with tons of chemicals and pesticides, they can be the complete opposite.

If you’ve ever thought you were being healthy simply by going green, marketing gimmicks might be misleading you. I’ve been guilty of this very thing in the past!

It’s like when plant-based meat was invented.

They say that plant-based meat is healthy because… it came from plants!

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What a joke. And I am not saying this because eating veggies is unhealthy…

But rather because the human race has been eating meat for 2 million years.

And now we need to eat chemically grown plants with tons of synthetic additives? Also known as “plant-based meat patties”.

The negative press that meat tends to get has had a tremendous impact on the way many people eat.

So the solution I have for you is simple:

  1. Only follow diet advice from people that truly look healthy.
  2. If your ancestors didn’t eat it, you probably shouldn’t.
  3. 2. Follow the diet that works for YOU. Not the trendy one. Not the one that makes miracle claims. Do the one you like the most, that feels right and gives you results.
  4. When you can, eat organic, sustainable, ethically farmed food. This applies to vegetables, meat, and any other food you can think of. Just try to eat healthy, plain and simple (most of the time, we ain’t robots here!).

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