Our Flash-Frozen Wild Salmon

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2 min readNov 10, 2023

At Beck & Bulow, we understand that when it comes to premium seafood, freshness is paramount.

For seafood enthusiasts like you who demand nothing but the finest quality, we go beyond the ordinary to deliver an extraordinary culinary experience — particularly with our wild-caught Alaskan salmon.

Imagine the icy, pristine waters of Alaska, where salmon thrive in abundance, living as nature intended.

Now picture that same wild salmon on your table, fresh as if you’d caught it yourself.

That’s the experience we strive to provide at Beck & Bulow.

The Journey from Ocean to Plate

Our process begins with carefully selecting the highest-grade wild salmon caught at the peak of their natural lifecycle.

The moment these magnificent fish are harvested from the cold Alaskan waters, the clock starts ticking.

We utilize state-of-the-art flash-freezing technology right on the vessels to capture the salmon’s peak flavor and nutritional value.

This method rapidly brings the temperature of the salmon down to -30°F almost immediately after being caught.

Flash freezing is an art in itself, preserving the texture, taste, and nutritional integrity of the fish.

Unlike traditional freezing, this swift process prevents ice crystals from forming within the flesh, which can cause cellular damage and diminish quality.

The result? Salmon that, once thawed, retains the succulent flavor, vibrant color, and tender texture of a freshly caught fish!

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