Organ meats = Superfoods

Organ meats are highly nutritious

The nutrient content varies depending on the type of organ and the animal, each providing different benefits to the body.

Organ meats are far more nutrient-dense than muscle meats. They are a treasure trove of B-vitamins, such as vitamin B12 and folate.

They are also rich in minerals like iron, magnesium, selenium, and zinc. They’re a great source of fat-soluble vitamins like vitamins A, D, E, and K. And also — lots of protein!

Lets see the 3 main benefits of incorporating organ meats into your diet:

Keeps you fuller for longer: Because of their nutrient-dense, high protein profile, organ meats reduce appetite and leave you satiated for longer periods of time. They also increase your metabolic rate, which can result in weight loss.

Great source of choline. Choline is a nutrient that is hard to come by in the modern diet. Getting enough choline is important for your brain and overall muscle health. The liver is a particularly rich source of choline.

Eating Organ Meats Supports the Nose to Tail Philosophy: This is essentially eating all of the animal, from nose to tail, to reduce food waste and be as sustainable as possible. At Beck & Bulow we use every part of the bison — even the skulls, bones, and hides!

Bottom line is that organ meats are a rich source of many vitamins and minerals that can be hard to obtain from other foods. If you enjoy eating meat, we highly suggest trying it out sometime. Ask us about suggestions for how to incorporate them into your diet!

Not only will it provide you with some additional nutrition, but they’re easy on the wallet and benefit the environment.

Heart is a great introduction to organ meat. It’s delicious when cooked and eaten like a steak, especially if soaked in salt brine overnight. We also love to cut the heart into chunks for pasta or stew.

Because it’s a muscular organ, the texture and taste are more similar to a steak like most people are used to eating.

Another great introduction to organ meat is our beef primal blend. This ground beef blend has 20% heart, liver and kidney mixed into the grind. You can make tacos, burgers, meatloaf, or anything else you’d make with regular ground beef — but with the added benefits of organ meat.

Beck & Bulow provides grass-fed buffalo, elk, wild boar, beef, lamb and chicken directly from our ranch to your door. Visit

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Beck & Bulow

Beck & Bulow

Beck & Bulow provides grass-fed buffalo, elk, wild boar, beef, lamb and chicken directly from our ranch to your door. Visit

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