Bison Activities in November

Beck & Bulow
2 min readNov 11, 2023

As November ushers in cooler temperatures, the behaviors and activities of bison become particularly fascinating.

Here’s a snapshot of what the bison are up to in this month:

Conserving Energy: As winter approaches, bison conserve energy by moving less and often forming larger groups to protect against the cold.

Feeding Patterns: Bison’s diet in November consists mainly of grasses, and they are frequently seen swinging their massive heads from side to side, using them like snowplows to clear away snow and access the vegetation beneath.

Thickening Coats: Bison have already developed thick, insulating winter coats by November. These woolly layers provide essential protection against the biting cold.

Mating Season Wrap-up: While the primary mating season (rut) for bison is in the summer, some late-season activity might still be observed in early November.

Preparing for Winter: By instinct, bison will seek out sheltered areas like valleys or tree lines, which provide some respite from cold winds and snow.

Our mission is to increase the population of bisons

The more people consume ethically sourced bison meat, the more ranches like ours and our partners are incentivized to breed these majestic animals vital to our ecosystems.

Consume meat that’s good for you and good for the environment.



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