Alternatives to turkey! The big bird isn’t for everyone.

This Thanksgiving, maybe you’re thinking about making another type of meat the centerpiece of the feast. There’s so many great alternatives to turkeys. Here’s a list of our most popular turkey alternatives for Thanksgiving that are just as dazzling and delicious!

Roasted Tenderloin

Tenderloin is known for being the most tender and desirable cut of the entire animal. It cooks quickly and looks mouthwatering and festive sliced on a platter with roasted vegetables and herbs.

A good quality tenderloin is so versatile that it is delicious with just salt and pepper — but you can’t go wrong with a great herb or horseradish sauce.

We highly recommend our bison and wild boar tenderloins. You’ll love them! Bison tastes like beef but even better — it’s slightly sweeter and more tender. Wild Boar has a delicious nutty flavor that will keep you coming back for more.


Lamb has become one of my all-time favorite meats. It’s tender, and easy to cook. The flavor of our lamb is delicate and delicious. Many customers have told us that they thought they didn’t like lamb until they tried ours.

For Thanksgiving dinner, try our Lamb Frenched Rack or a Lamb Boneless Leg Roast.

Wild-Caught Alaskan Seafood

While seafood might seem outside of the box for Thanksgiving, here’s some food for thought: Some culinary historians actually believe the original Thanksgiving feast consisted mainly of seafood.

A side of salmon doesn’t take long to roast in the oven, and is incredibly delicious — not to mention, beautiful.

Check out our wide selection of wild-caught Alaskan seafood, straight from our own facilities on pristine Kodiak Island.

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