3 Major benefits of eating seafood

Humans have been eating seafood for thousands of years…

We all know that seafood not only tastes great — it makes you feel great, too. Wild-caught fish are full of the wholesome nutrients we need in our daily diets — some of which are lacking in our typical go-to foods.

I would say that seafood is equally important for nutrition as eating meat from terrestrial animals.

In all cultures close to the ocean, rivers or other bodies of water, people thrived on diets consisting mainly of seafood.

Let’s explore the major benefits that these delicious foods bring to our health:

Seafood contains tons of vitamin D, one of the most important nutrients for our overall health.

Fatty fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for optimal body and brain function and vital for growth and development.

Eating seafood one to two times a week is recommended to meet your omega-3 requirements.

Regularly eating seafood can lower your risk of heart attacks and strokes — two of the most common causes of premature death.

Researchers believe that fatty types of fish are beneficial for heart health, reducing diabetes, and help you build muscle and recover faster thanks to omega-3's.

Studies have found that people who eat seafood regularly are less likely to experience depression, bipolar disorder, and Alzheimer’s disease.

You will also sleep better at night!

We have new seafood available!

Two new cuts have arrived at Beck & Bulow:

Wild Caught Alaskan Sablefish

Wild Caught Alaskan Yelloweye

They are both DELICIOUS and favorites among our customers and team members.

Yelloweye Rockfish is hard to find in the Continental US, has a delicate texture and a sweet flavor, and is versatile and easy to cook with.

Sablefish is known as butterfish due to its silky consistency. This fish is extremely high in omega-3's.

Both come from the pristine, ice-cold waters of Alaska and are 100% sustainably wild-caught!